Through grace God creates the 'want to' within us.

Are you a pastor desiring a fresh approach to raise the tide of generosity in your church? Do you desire to engage members in a dialogue about giving?

Are you a ministry leader hoping to encourage your “investors” to greater generosity? Or, do you wish to thank them with a small gift for their past generosity?

Are you someone interested in spreading a giving message in your church, community and world?

If any of the above is an “Absolutely!", sharing this learning guide with your congregation or ministry is a wonderful way to get started. Utilizing The Giving Story is the perfect solution to growth in giving and proclaiming thanks. Here are just a few ideas about how this guide can be used.

  • Personal home devotion guide
  • Bible study for Sunday morning or midweek (4-10 week series)
  • Church devotional material (small groups, meetings, leaders)
  • Informal Bible study for group get-togethers
  • Church-wide generosity emphasis over a 2-3-4 weekend period where every family receives a guide
  • Annual stewardship series: distribute guides for home devotionals
  • Leader Bible study on generosity: When leaders are generous, people notice
  • Capital campaign as a home devotional encouraging generous giving
  • Gift or token of appreciation from development officers, gift planning counselors or presidents

The Giving Story is a generosity learning guide that shares stories for individual or group study. It is a fresh and flexible approach to encourage people in their generosity. The Giving Story is Bible-based, Gospel motivated. Through the Word of God, the hearts of God’s people are touched. When hearts are touched, results happen.

God not only is an expert in giving. He actually started the idea. Why not connect God’s people with truths from this Expert in generosity?