A single investment by your ministry will touch many hearts.


The Giving Story is a cost effective tool for the learning and teaching of generosity. The entire purpose of the guide is to encourage generosity. We are generous with the price so that more can discover true generosity. The result? As God’s story touches hearts, those hearts then touch others. And a story continues.



  • Single copies:                                                    $ 7.95
  • Digital: (ePub, Kindle, PDF):                        $ 3.95
  • Combo Pack (print + digital):                       $ 9.50


Options for Ministries

Volume discounts are available. They will automatically be applied to your order based on the quantity. Shipping is extra.

  • 1 - 5                                                                  $7.95
  • 6 - 19 copies                                                  $7.00
  • 20 - 49 copies                                               $6.25
  • 50 - 99 copies                                                $5.75
  • 100 - 249 copies                                           $4.95
  • 250 - 499 copies                                           $4.50
  • 500 - 999 copies                                           $3.95
  • 1000 or more                                                 $3.50


Leader / Committee Review Pack

Leaders in churches may wish to “test drive” this learning experience before making a decision for the entire group. A 6-book packet along with support material and implementation ideas is included. Cost:  $25.00. For ordering and questions, contact us: TheGivingStory@gmail.com.


Some groups like a personalized approach. Customized orders allow for specific front and back, inside front and back wording and pictures. Your ministry name, theme, picture, address, phone number, website, leader message can be included for a more focused generosity approach. Customized orders are possible with a minimum order of 250, a design fee and an additional $1 per booklet. A personal approach speaks well of your ministry and is a way to integrate into your very own effort. 

Some ideas on how to make this happen for your ministry:

  • Buy the book for your members out of the operating fund. It may appear counter-intuitive, but showing an act of generosity can encourage generosity.
  • Sell the book to your members. It is less than the cost of a movie.
  • Consider if someone in your church would underwrite the cost of the books. People with the gift of giving often find joy in helping others give.
  • Seek a free will offering in conjunction with any of the above. God’s people love opportunities to give!

Contact us for details and options for a customized order: TheGivingStory@gmail.com

The Giving Story - Paperback

The very first generosity story ever told originated from God. It is a story about God’s grace. Generous, incredible, ridiculous grace. The Giving Story explains how our generosity is profoundly intertwined with God’s grace. Inside the heart of every believer is a spirit of generosity. For some this generosity may be lying dormant. It may need some cultivation and encouragement from God’s Word, but it is there. God’s grace is in the believer. A story is ready to begin.

The Giving Story is a learning guide for individual or group study. Giving is a wonderful spiritual act and is intended to be joyful. God’s people have exhibited this joyful giving characteristic for centuries – and you can too.

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