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 "There are two strong features of this book. The first is that it keeps the stewardship focus right where it belongs: on the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The second is its rich supply of personal stories which demonstrate how powerful that grace is moving Christians to give. Any congregation planning a stewardship of finances focus in its ministry would appreciate having this resource."

Paul Wendland, President, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, Mequon, WI


"Jeff Davis understands Biblical stewardship. The Giving Story is a wonderful tool that congregations can use to encourage members to talk about the grace of giving. They will have the opportunity not only to read and discuss stories about others, but perhaps most importantly to tell their own stories about how God’s grace has impacted their lives as stewards. So….what’s your story?"

Rev. Wayne Knolhoff, Director of Placement and Center for Stewardship, St. Louis, MO


"Author and stewardship advisor Jeff Davis has done the church a great service by providing the Scripture’s line of thought behind the spirit of true Christian giving. It all begins with grace. God’s unconditional love, steady forgiveness, and exuberant generosity to us are the true motivators of a generous Christian heart in us. Jeff’s years in the teaching ministry give him the tools to teach many more people today about the joy, power, and impact of Christian generosity."

Pastor Mark Jeske, Time of Grace Ministry, Milwaukee, WI


"The Giving Story articulates two wonderful truths: the unconditional nature of God’s grace to us in Christ and the inevitable reality of joyful generosity among recipients of divine grace. God has joined divine grace and Christian generosity together and we should not separate them. Jeff Davis does well in showcasing both of them together. The book also includes invitations and stimulants for personal and group discussion of the points made. May many among us use and be enriched through this teaching tool!"

Rev. Forrest Bivens, retired seminary professor


"Davis has provided the church with an accessible and grace-centered way to encourage a culture of generosity. His joy gushes off the page and his way of speaking to God’s people is nearly as positive as the Apostle Paul’s!"

Pastor Mike Novotny, The Core, Appleton, WI


"A story is a record of a happening.  We at times can ask, "What's the story behind that happening?"  That makes the use of the term "story" in the title of this book very fitting and appropriate. It gives a record of giving that is edifying and meaningful for one's spiritual life. One cannot help but commend Davis for the winning way in which he presents the doctrine of grace as presented in scripture.   He unfolds the richness of this term in a capable and compelling manner that endears itself to the reader."

Rev. Carl Voss, retired pastor, editor


"Many of us learn best by watching someone else. That is true about Christian giving as well. As you read the stories in The Giving Story you will be able to ‘watch’ others as they respond to God’s grace. They can serve as role models for us who want to grow in the grace of giving." 

Pastor Peter Panitzke, St. Paul’s, Muskego, WI


"The Giving Story will be a great blessing to anyone who needs or wants to be encouraged in what it means to truly live a generous life."

Brian Kluth, bestselling author of the 30 & 40 Day Generosity Devotionals